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Tossing Around Witty Thoughts

Interested in learning only about Witty Thoughts?  This program consists of 4 activities that add up to 73 amusing slides to help you do just that.  Activity 1:  “Witty Thoughts” (10 slides) shows you a fun way of learning about these thoughts by thinking in idioms.  In activity 2:  “Targeting Witty Thoughts (3 slides, 10 questions in each slide) you will try your hand at a game we call “Stop That Picture Part 2”.  Here you will see swiftly moving pictures.  You will stop each picture and match it to its title, definition and example.  Activity 3:  “Exploring Witty Thoughts” (30 slides) gives you a sentence and allows you to choose from up to 6 thoughts as possible answers.  Activity 4:  “Witty Quotes” (30 slides) offers you witty thoughts couched in humorous and relatable situations that are sure to make you smile.

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