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Tossing Around More Than a Thought

Interested in starting at the beginning?  This program consists of 8 activities that add up to 198 thought provoking slides to help you do just that.  Activity 1:  “Where Do Feelings Come From?”  (17 slides) starts with you matching feelings and ends with you finding the answer to this question.  In activity 2:  “What’s On Your Mind?” (5 slides, 8 matches on each slide) you will read each situation and see if you can figure out what you or others may think.  In activity 3:  “How Do Your Thoughts Make You Feel?” (15 slides) you will take a look at the facial expressions shown on the illustrations and choose wisely from the sentences beneath.  In activity 4: “What Do You Do With Your Feelings? (50 slides); here, you will look at each picture and decide what someone might do.  In activity 5:  “From Thoughts to Feelings to Behaviors” (30 slides) you will unscramble sentences outlining a thought, feeling and behavior.  In activity 6:  “Behaviors Lead to Consequences” (36 slides) you read the sentence in each shape and then match the behavior to its consequence.  In activity 7:  “Train of Thought” (25 slides) try your best to put the situation, thought, feeling, behavior and consequence in the correct order.  Finally, in activity 8:  “Train of Thoughts” (20 slides) you will see that just one situation can result in a variety of thoughts, feelings, behaviors and consequences.  For our purposes, there are 4 possible outcomes for each situation (on each slide).  So try your best to find every sequence.

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