Helping children recognize that they're just a thought away from changing their day

On Second Thought: From Iffy to Witty Thoughts is an entertaining program written by Dr. Teresa Busto who is a N.Y.S. Licensed Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist since 1996. Dr. Busto collaborated with Paula Busto, M.S. who has 22 years experience teaching on the elementary and secondary levels. This program is based on the works of Dr.’s Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck and David Burns who are pioneers in researching the relationship between unhelpful thoughts and how they affect feelings and behaviors. Dr. Busto and Paula Busto have adapted these concepts and turned them into a kid friendly program. Using colorful and comically illustrated idioms that are couched in interactive activities and real life stories, children become aware that their first thought may not be their best choice. Participants will understand basic principles of thought and readily learn that: how they think affects how they feel, what they do and what happens. This program further highlights unhelpful and helpful thoughts and offers children the opportunity to recognize the value of replacing an “iffy” thought with a “witty” one.

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“The so commonly used concept of Cognitive Behavioral Principles; in revealing it’s complicated and cumbersome face in such a playful, colorful and “witty” way, is making it challenging for the facilitator although seemingly interesting and meaningful for the child.  This is certainly a different multidimensional approach that implements, visual, cognitive and executive skills.  I wish Dr. Busto and Mrs. Busto much success with their endeavor!”

Stelios Zodiatis, M.D.Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist Diplomate of American Board of Psychiatry

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