Helping children recognize that they're just a thought away from changing their day

Using colorful and comically illustrated idioms, that are couched in interactive activities and real life stories, children become aware that their first thought may not be the best choice. Participants will understand basic principles of thought and readily learn that: how they think, affects how they feel, what they do and what happens. This program further highlights unhelpful and helpful thoughts and offers children the opportunity to recognize the value of replacing an “iffy” thought with a “witty” one.

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Going beyond the program:


To achieve optimal benefits from this program, it is strongly suggested that you and your child practice these idioms in daily situations as they arise. By doing so, you may, over time, notice an improvement in your child’s self esteem, ability to manage emotions, problem solving skills and ability to get along better with others. It is our hope that you will enjoy speaking in idioms to each other, to family and to friends.

Inquire about a version that is specific to your school/community.

Program highlighted at the 2016 APA Convention – Denver, Colorado
by Stephanie Schwartz, doctoral student at St. John’s University, New York

Program Features
        • Children gain a full understanding of cognitive behavioral concepts
        • Uses idioms to recognize cognitive distortions as well as alternative thoughts and how they make us feel
        • Explains how to change our thoughts from distorted to accurate or from “iffy” to “witty”
        • Explains how our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviors
        • Challenging activities in each lesson
        • Real life situations
        • Colorful and whimsical illustrations
        • Fun, creative and interactive
        • Suitable for individuals, groups, families and classrooms
        • A flexible program facilitators can adapt to a variety of audiences



Available soon for all iOS and Android devices

What people are saying:


“Congratulations to Dr. Teresa Busto and Paula Busto for their new creative and highly innovative social emotional program adaptable to many age groups. This program is consistent with the CBT theory and practice of Dr.’s Ellis, Beck and Burns. The engaging graphics are both entertaining and informative and the program is suitable for individual, group, family and classroom applications. This is one of the most novel programs I have seen in my 40 years of professional practice.”

Charles H. King, Ph.D., ABPPDiplomate American Board of Professional Psychology (School)

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